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Virtual Singer

Currently, we are recruiting Taiwanese for this position. If you have better ideas, please contact us.

​Art Contents

We'll be collaborate with skilled illustrators in Taiwan to design a character for you. If you need graphic elements to promote yourself, we'll contact related professions to meet the needs.

Develop Strategy

Base on your passion, we'll provide vocal, planning & marketing training. We also build your development roadmap, in order to create a comfortable environments to enjoy for you and all your fans.

Technical Support

PC, webcam, microphone and mobile devices are available for streaming. If you need special performance in your stream, we are able to survey the implementation methods.

Our promise

  • Privacy. The mystery of virtual talent attracts people. On the other hand, it's a rather important thing to sustain mental health. Unless you're willing to reveal your information, we'll keep everything confidential, no matter it comes to gender, appearance, experience, country or so on. We pay respect for your privacy and life.


  • Freedom of choice. As a creator, you'll have to love what you perform, so we encourage every talent to plan their own stream. However, not every talent excels at planning, so we'll support on this area. Our goal is to let you decide what you're willing to do. Also, streaming time is something you get full controls, unless some important collaboration stream.

  • Persisting growth and efforts. No matter you perform for accomplishment or payment, we hope your passion persists in the long term. The day we part ways comes, you will be able to keep your character's identity. We'll do our best to support you.


We value these qualities in an applicant:​

  • Provide genuine and constructive advices, and take advices positively

  • Always generate an extraordinary impulse in experimenting innovation

  • Utilize freedom with discipline thoroughly in enhancing creativity

  • Be in others' shoes every moment

  • The most important thing: having good will to interact with whole world​

If you're ready for the challenge, some simple requirements here:​

  • Over age of 20, determine to stay active in training and performing over 1 year

  • Able to speak Chinese and English

  • Need to promote yourself in communities and do brainstorming with us consistently

  • Be confident in your vocal expression
  • Know the reason to sing


You will have multiple chances to know us during the recruit process. Every audition phase will take up to 2 weeks. Hence, it might take about half to a month to get to know each other, and find the best way to work together.

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2 Interviews

3 Promises

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